Podwork Terms and Conditions


Booth. A booth is a private work space which can be booked and paid for on a per usage basis in blocks of 30 minutes.

User. A User, or “You” is anybody who has an account with PodWork with an authorised method of payment approved.

Booking. This is the time slot that is booked by a user. Time slots start from 30 minutes.

PodWork Web App. The PodWork Web Application.

Bitwards. The app you use to access the the PodWork booth. 

Booth Behaviour. This user guide is in place to ensure that everybody has a good experience using My Work Booth. The rules relate to keeping the booths clean and tidy, clearing away your rubbish and ensuring that you close the door at the end of your booking. Please read them fully before using the service.

Basic Terms of Use of My Work Booth.

General. PodWork (PW) is a service which allows people to hire private, soundproof booths in public places and pay on a usage basis. The entire service is
based on the PW web app and the Bitwards app. The user can book and pay on the PW web app, and the user can access the PW booth with the Bitwards access app.

Opening an account. In order to use PodWork, you will need to access the web app via podwork.com. You will need to enter your email address. In order
to book a Pod you will also need to enter your payment card details.

Bitwards. In order to access the PodWork booth, you need to download the app Bitwards. This enables the user to open the bluetooth lock. For further instructions how to access the Bitwards app, please follow the instructions in the confirmation email you receive after the booking.

Payment. In order to use the service, you will need to enter your credit or debit card details onto the payment screen within the web app. No card details are stored.

Bluetooth. Users need to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on in order for the PW to fully operate. Users cannot open a PW without Bluetooth enabled.

Wifi. The booths are placed in locations with venue Wifi. The booths do not have separate Wifi. PW will not be held responsible for poor location Wifi.

Extending your booking. If you would like to continue using PW beyond your current booking you will need to book the next available slot. Please note booths are booked on a first come first served basis.

Cancellations and refunds. You can cancel your booking to receive a full refund within 24 hours of the booking start time. If you cancel your booking after this time no refund will be issued. Refunds will be automatically made to the card used for payment. Refunds take up to 15 working days to appear on your credit or debit card.

Door opening. The user can open the PW door via his/her mobile phone. The user must hold their phone up to the handle of the booth. It can take up to 10
seconds for the door to open once the user has clicked on the correct PW booth in the Bitwards app. Check out the Trouble Shooting section for help with opening the door.

Access. It is important to leave the booth promptly after your booking has finished and close the door fully. This allows the calendar of bookings to run smoothly. By
closing the door fully, it ensures that only users who have paid to the use the service have access to PW. Please do not hold the door open for the next person – he or she must open the door with the Bitwards access app.

Personal belongings. It is important that you take personal belongings with you when you leave the booth temporarily. If you need to leave the booth during your booking, we recommend that you take your personal belongings with you. It is imperative that you close the door and take your phone with you as you will only be
able to get back in with your phone. From the inside, the door opens without your phone.

Usage. PodWork booths are intended to be used as an office on the go – for meetings, calls, interviews, quiet work and video calls. They are not to be used for
any illegal purpose. PodWork reserves the right to ban users who break this rule and to prosecute where necessary.

Damages. Users are responsible for any damage that occurs to a PodWork booth during their booking or usage.